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WISH YOU a  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016..the power of the blessings are at work

Shivshanker Vyas (1899-1986) was a RajJyotish in north gujarat state .After merger  of different states he came to Baroda with his forefathers banner Deojyotishalaya  in 1948.

Jyotish shatra 

i. e.astrology,samudrika, palmistry, karmanda, adhyatma, yoga, vastushastra teaching of shastras  still alive.

Rajendraprasad Shivshanker Vyas {B.Sc.(maths),M.A.(sanskrit major Jyotish), Acharya in jyotishshastra(with goldmedol in of baroda), palmist, hora jyotish uttama,ganitjyotish madhyama,cert. in German language,jyotish mahamahopadhyaya,Lecturer in astrology m.s.u.(1987-1995) and computer programmer,articles published more than108,books written jyotish darshan, surya jyotisham,mrutyunjay vidhan etc} a friend philosopher and guide's whose lectures are praised in different countries during his visits editor of the great well known service to the jyotish adhyatma vigyan through since from 1998 with his  wife  Jayshree Vyas  hora jyotish(Baroda)  at  deojyotishalaya .His son Rakeshkumar   vyas B.Com. , jyotish shastri (m.s.u.), gemologist (idi) right now with a branch Deo Gems Lab where for you real gems available with test reports too! daughter Joshi Dhara who is B.Sc.,jyotishacharya(msu)  has warked as a lecturer in vastushatra in of baroda india.This is a very brief story of Deojyotishalaya -a great heritor from 1869......

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is a great heritor from 1869.Visit your friend philosopher and guide...Read More

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A friend philosopher & guide

Rajendraprasad Vyas
B.Sc.(maths)M.A(sanskrit)jyotishachar ya(m.s.u.)PalmistVastushastri.    
deojyotishalaya,6 sahajanand soc.,harani-warsiya ring rd,vadodara 390006(india) (m) +91 9376214921(R) 0265-2480419
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Deo Gems Lab is dealing  real color gemstones  with lab tested report in vadodara (india) visit us
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 2009 & U sky has no limit Great astro-point Astrological world!! Palmistry-Vastu- Muntha etc ARTICLES navgrah stotra panoti-sun sign
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अगर अगर आप किसीभी पौधे से डाली तोड़ कर गाड देते है तो  वहा भी नया पौधा विकसित होता है .  वैसे मानलो के आपके पास एक गुलाबका पौधा है ! अब उसी की एक डाली गाड तो वहा नया पौधा विकसित होगा उस पर भी नए फुल खिलेंगे !!visit


विज्ञानं और अध्यात्म का संगम पर खडे होकर मैंने ज्योतिष का शिक्षण लेने का मजा देखा तो अदभुत है !welcome to astro-spiritual-science

A RING PROTECTION! understand use of darbha secrecy & influence
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 MRUTYUNJAYA mantra the great !
 COLOR reading how they work
 PUJA  KARMAKAND never ends
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calander words which guide us
Rudraksha how it helps
gujarati bhajan by s.n.vyas
sarvatobhadra a skill of astrology!
 VASTUshastra ARCHITECT  guidance?

articles coherence rapport approach!!

 Chinese sign is MONKEY fire from 8 FEB 2016 T0 27 JAN 2017 2016 then ROOSTER fire 28 JAN 2017 TO 15 feb 2018

Magnet Therapy! north & s. pole relevant

About Panoti check with your moon sign!3,11,5,6,7!
Numbers r something try it
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